I think maybe God is wanting that too because my colorist/stylist had gone down to part time (shes a little older than me) and now her two days a week are on days I cant make it in for appointments! But why turkey, and why cold? In this time-frame, I quit a dead end job, I got engaged, I started modeling, and now I am looking for a commercial acting agent. So liberating to let go of colouring. 2. A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Reading Glasses, Can We Talk About Menopause? Its been a lot of trial and error to see what products work with my gray hair and my new gray hair needs. I'm doing it because it grows in every 2 weeks, its exhausting and tedious. It took me 9 months to be done with several big chops. Unlike the quick transformation away from gray (during a one-hour hair appointment, say), the transition back to gray is a months-long process and you'll need a plan. I remember my friends being helpful by pulling out my gray strands in high-school. I had women coming up to me asking me who my stylist was because they wanted the same unique colour. Lips - A fresh glossy pink or a dramatic red lip perfectly complements the cooler tones of gray hair. I support yours, mine and all others in this huge decision and process. It will take a few more cuts to clear out all the old highlights, etc, but after 5 months, I have a head of beautiful grey hair with dark roots (all my own, no artificial color). to help you discover lifestyle and beauty products that are better for you and better for the planet. Thank you, and good luck to all of is going gray gracefully and we are going to be beautiful. It helped but did not lift it all. My transition to gray hasnt only shown me the plan nature had with me and my silver strands., but it also has shown me what I am capable of doing. YOU CAN DO IT LADIES, , DO NOT LET ANYONE FORCE YOU BACK TO DYE. Always no B.S. Thanks for your comments. I must say that I do have to remember to take care of myself better for yesterday I was rushing to get out of the house and forgot to blend my sunscreen and put on my tinted chap stick without lookingI looked in the rear view mirror in horror.. I have been colouring my hair for the last 20 years and most recently have had to colour every 2-3 weeks. I call it a finding of self so to speak. Going to my regular coloring appoint today though and going to see about lowlights? I tried to look into this but my colored hair was too dark to lift to gray. There are affiliate links* in this post. Read my Terms and Conditions Page to learn more. If you get your gray hair all the way grown out and you hate it, then you can cover that gray back up anytime you want. And that was it. All these platforms and sources of support offer more than just hair advice. Salon Transition. 2021 was the year of grey hair. This sound like me. xo, Lisa. I am determined to do this. Here are a few ways to make your cold turkey gray hair transition fun and easy! Your email address will not be published. Firstly, I decided to get my hair cut short - it had been in a bob style. wonder when/if I will! I was just too white on my crown to pull it off properly. : Expert Advice & Inspiration from a Former Color Addict. Growing my hair out gray has been one of the scariest and most rewarding experiences. Rock it! SITE CREDIT. Youd think Id just told them of my plans to commit a capital crime. go cold turkey phrase. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Save. I am changing up how I wear my hair trying to hide the transition. If I could just buzz cut it & grow out from there Id be fine but that would sure look stupid for a while lol. I had people walking up to me, asking me if my hair was real. I had expected to keep adding some color low-lights for contrast, but really liked my own color. I don't like myself in short hair, so, I bit the bullet and decided to go gray cold turkey. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. She explains why she chose to go grey cold turkey and keep her hair long, and her favorite grey hair products. Or to get tattoos? But its always there if I need it. The color is silver, grey, and an inch of brown dyed hair. Yes, it is expensive for at least 2-3 visits, but after that, you are done. While removing the old dye made the skunk line not so visible, it did drag out the process. Thank everyone so much for the encouragement; so glad I found this site. My goal now is to find the right shampoo/conditioner products to keep the grey from being dry/coarse and to look as soft and silvery as it can. The silver roots are really there in two weeks!!!! Hey, gals - it has been TWENTY-ONE freaking months of growing out my grey hair cold turkey. And, we want to finally hug and celebrate each other! My very expensive and expert colorist advises that it is nearly impossible to remove all of the semi-permanent color from my hair and it cannot be returned to gray just by removing it. So no matter what your age or childs age , dont let that define your hair. When I go out, though, I make sure I have lipstick and earrings on and look put together. My hairdresser (who wants to be supportive) warned me that some people are going to ask if I'm his grandmother, which does worry me a bit, but I'm hoping to keep myself current and fashionable enough to not look like a dowdy granny. There are moments at work when I feel a bit insecure about it, but no one seems to be staring, so I guess i'm ok. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can transition without looking like I stopped taking care of myself? In Sept 2016, I realized my colored (med. Could a normal, every day woman feel beautiful going gray? Finally, there is no right or wrong way to do this Full Transition to Gray Hair; there is only your way. Why grey hair is bang on trend. I admit some days it's all I can do not to grab a bottle of dye! Groups like The Gray Book helped so much providing support and inspiration. To begin with, it was a trend that was spurred on by the pandemic. Who you want to be, and what you want to put out into this universe. Yes, there is a revolution going on! My husband has always asked me to quit coloring my hair and just be my natural self~ my daughters didn't feel the same. Going grey gracefully takes patience and dedication! Do it! METHOD #3: THE DYE STRIP TECHNIQUE. Here it is April, and I think all the frosting has about grown out and its all natural grey/brunette salt and pepper. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Of course, this is not trueI really cared! I have used their images and names with their permission. I think grey is beautiful I just needed the courage to do it. Back in the day, gray hair used to be associated with wisdom and knowledge. They can then consciously use coping mechanisms to . I now surprise myself realizing Im not only not ashamed to have gray hair, I am happy and proud to have it! Im Lisa, the founder of TNK,an ethical lifestyle site for women. Thousands of women have found success in this positive and supportive community, we would love to have you join us! My hair is now bleached blonde. If growing out the dye is something you want to do, Id make sure your current dye color is close to your actual hair color and make sure it has little or no red tones. We decided on a bob that was chin length. Focus on health. She has been doing my hair for many years now. So reading all these nice stories amke me stronger to, at leat, give it a try. Last summer, when I decided I would be retiring this spring, I knew I needed to revamp my budget. I felt like I want to rebel against anything that inauthentic. I explain my feelings about my gray hair transition so far, and tell you . Toner $50. I have once again colored my hair because of negative feelings about being grey. Lisa is the founder of The New Knew. I am 62 and like so many women, feel our outward appearance is a measure of our beauty, vitality and relevance. Glad i went foxy white gray after years of abusing my hair with dyes. Scientists don't know exactly why some people go gray early, but genes play a large role. I shamelessly ignored it for quite a long time, until April 2016 my first and only grow-out attempt! I realized as I read through the articles and comments that feeling the need to color and cover was from my desire to fit in and please everyone else. , You have many options from highlights and low-lights to pixie cuts. You can try Balayage which is lightening your ends. Seems to be ok but then I coloured it again! I made the decision to embrace my silver hair just after my 48th birthday. Women who were transitioning to gray started to comment on my pictures and so did I! . They wanted a mom with long, dark hair. I turned 50 at the end of 2012 and spent a month in France and Italy where I decided to go gray and April 2013 was my last hair colour. I had a lot of thoughts to work through as I tried to make sense of this time in my life. I love my grey hair (my husband loves it too). Right now I am at 7 weeks and for me the roots color is a cool shade while my blonde is brassy. It felt like it was going to take forever and I was never going to get there.But I did. What a great inspiration here! and this is my last unnatural thing that i've been hanging on to. Just an option! I may have a few highlights put in when I go for my cut next week. What happened to my hair! Apr 25, 2019 - Feeling blah while going gray? you go girl what ever gets it done ;-)) your a brave lady ;-)). I'm getting a super short cut. I decided over a month ago that I would like to stop dying my hair. I've started by letting my temple/hairline area stay silver. At the same time, box braids seem to be the best hairstyle for black women growing out gray hair. Obviously, time has passed, Ive grown older and wiser and Ive earned a crown of glory that had been dyed over, time and time again. Hey Humor Consumers, In Episode 4 we talk about gray hair and the journey of letting it show. In this article, we will talk about one of the slangs or idioms that people use daily. I just dont want to be looked at as a grandma way before my time. Best advise as stated by others, keep up to date on hair and clothing styles. It took about 2 years and I was fully transitioned. This is embracing who we are and what we stand for. I am finding these stories so inspiring. It is great Life ! Once I started, I found it very exciting to see my natural colors emerge. Going gray cold turkey (i.e., without help from a salon) is a popular way to transition to gray hair as it is inexpensive and doesn't damage your hair. We only highlighted it one time, and it was a foil process. They all seem very supportive. Total $275. Your email address will not be published. My hair stylist and I came up with a plan to grow my gray out gradually. Over 60 Hairstyles. So, taking that and this blog as a cue that maybe now is the time. My husband is 10 yrs younger and 80% gray. It was difficult at first but I've got used to it now; I have shoulder length wavy hair that I always wear up I only have a few more cuts to complete my transition to a fabulous silver white with darker gray at the back just like my mother and grand mother. I bought hair clips, metal hair like barrets, colored bobby puins grey bobby pins. I started dyeing my hair around 20 years old. The only way we could defy these pre-established standards is by putting more emphasis on culture and less on our outer appearance, realizing we are not united by our bodies but by our brains. And there were strands that she did not highlight at all to give it the salt and pepper look. The Ones Who Did It Early. She was awesome and very helpful. My colorist has said when Im ready shell help me grow it out!! My advice to anyone wanting to free herself from hair dye: make a commitment to yourself and stick to it. she has a short pixie cut and it looks great. I got to experiment with different colors, until the age of 30, when I just chose to dye it what I thought was my natural color: dark brown. I want to grow my hair out to grey so bad but I am terrified. Uncovering my natural hair colour after being a bottle blonde for 37 years makes for quite an interesting experiment. A light-bulb moment! So, I get my hair cut every month regardless of which length Im keeping it. People would say you look so much younger with the blonde. I'm glad I joined this website. I have no clue whats under there but Im excited to find out. I was tired of covering up. It's fun to cut about 1/2 inch per month and watch the grey take over. Up until about a year ago I was dying my own hair every two weeks because I thought it was cheaper than going to the salon but after talking to my hairdresser I finally saw sense in what she was saying. young. This means no touch-ups or anything, except for a haircut here and there. I will look like their grandmother. I want to go natural, but because my hair is so dark, both naturally and chemically, I am afraid of the transition line being too harsh. The idiom to "go cold turkey" refers to what happens when a person stops consuming an addictive substance or abruptly quits a habit. That's how I do things. My problem is that Im SO impatient for the old colored hair to grow out. Yes! No, no, and no. I have been coloring my hair for 37 years! Covering my grays was fun at the beginning. Im not going to judge women who dye their hair or even dare to say that they are not being real or are not embracing who they are! So I dyed my hair. I started to build my own self-worth, my own self-confidence, based on the person I found out I was. What if he decided he wanted to stop bathing regularly for instance? Thank you so much for this website! In another year (unless I cut my hair), I should be 100% natural. Here, hair color isn't just hair color: Dallas . So the following month I made a hair appointment anddyed my hair. Hey, ladies! Advantages of Going Gray Cold Turkey with Long Hair. She is married with a daughter and a son and works as a part-time administrative assistant. Turned 50 this year and have lost some weight and just decided its time to be healthy and fit. Pure bliss!~Laura C. My best words of wisdom for your full transition to gray hair are ones I say repeatedly: You will never know what youve got until you grow it out. Then 2 months later, cut pretty short. I never dyed my whole head, just had lowlights but in, but I still ended up with a white part. He is a silver fox and very supportive. He looked me right in the eye and said, You should totally do it.. Some of these approaches include: 1. Once I made the decision, there was no stopping me. I now have about 5 inches of natural growth (my hair is long), and shes begun weaving in charcoal to blend my previously highlighted hair with my natural growth. I haven't heard any comments yet. I have very black dyed hair so the skunk thing is very obvious! I have since found a new salon. I had it all grown off and wore it silver for five years, and then in 2008 I allowed negative people to tell me I was too young to have silver hair. SITE CREDIT. Who did we think we were fooling?!). Ironic since it seems to grow fast when in coloring mode. So, here i go and I think this time I won't start coloring again. 2. I have been thinking about letting my gray grow out for several months. I opted for the short pixie to grow out my grey 12 months ago. I like it! We went on a cruise and between the salt in the ocean and sun bleaching out some of my dk. Heres my story about when I transitioned to gray hair and kept busy on social media platforms created for bold women like me. Six ways to grow out gray hair that is colored, Gray Hair Inspo: Braid Styles for Gray Hair, Growing Out Gray Hair: 10 Ways to Go Gray, Going Gray: (at 40!) A different cut helps to eliminate a bulk of the hair you're trying to match or catch up to it also introduces the element of new. METHOD #2: LEARN TO LOVE YOUR DEMARCATION LINE. It was absolutely thrilling. I explained that my other stylist had told me I did not have enough grey at that time to color itshe picked up a mirror, held it over my head and said, Look at your rootsI think you have enough grey now. Im now 48 (49 in a couple months) and am so over all of it! There's an Instagram account dedicated to getting women to embrace their natural grays, and they are here for it. I am sticking to my guns for not only health reasons but as a role model for my daughtershe is the one who encouraged me to go grey and I wish I would have 10 years ago. At what age should you stop dyeing your hair and let it go gray? In fact, a 1920 newspaper cartoon uses the expression "cold turkey" thusly: "Now tell me on the squarecan I get by with this for the weddingdon't string metell me cold turkey." I was thrilled and somewhat curious about how my real hair color would look. Unfortunately my decision was not well received by my hair stylist who told me that I would look OLD. These . Now, Im not telling you this looking for sympathy, I tell you this because somewhere along my journey through this rollercoaster of life I felt that what Id been taught all those years ago just couldnt be true. That is what I am thinking of doing this week. I just turned 50 in June and I have decided to ditch the dye. My husband told me a few months ago he was so happy my hair was getting longer as he really despised my pixie cut. Our first step was to create a convention, #SILVERCON, that will be happening in July of 2020 in L.A. . I am 61, have recently retired from full time work, and decided, on a whim really, that I no longer wanted or needed to colour my hair. Definition of go cold turkey in the Idioms Dictionary. Now that I am fully transitioned, I enjoy the freedom of truly being me. ?m going to be 50 and im single. Come join us on The Gray Book where there are a ton of before and after pics and so much support. My hair now naturally, has a salt and pepper look to it. So one day I casually mentioned to my husband, Maybe Ill stop dying my hair., Ill never forget what he said because it was the final push I needed. I thought it would be a good solution for me too but now have come to find out that my hair has been stained and so the 10 months I thought I had under my belt is now starting anew. i am on facebook joann cooper troupe in a striped shirt with my husband jim. Mireyas Gorgeous Long Silver Hair Transition, Evas Transition from Dyed Black to White Hair. This became so much more than a journey about hair! The men in my family are a little harder to get through too. WHAT!!! I'm going to be 44 in a week and my hair has been going grey since my twenties. Braids, ponys and buns are super cute too. The Au Natural - Also called the "cold turkey" . Its mostly silver-white on top with brown and some blond underneath. Everyone should feel free to dye or not to dye their hair, use makeup or not, go with fashion or not! I love my silver hair, so I created this video to explain w. I just chose to go gray cold turkey, no color corrections, no interfering in my natural grow-out process even if this surely wasn't the most stylish solution Anyone who has started going gray knows that this doesn't happen overnight; it's a process that seems to take forever, and you have good and bad days. Cold turkey, shave, partial color, and strip color and add toner. Contrary to popular belief, stress has not been shown to cause gray hair. Im still amazed at how much prettier and more unique I feel with my own color. I consider myself a feminist. Black Hair. xo, Lisa. In fact, it IS about more than hair, and if youve not found your confidence or self-worth or dont fully know who you are yet, take this time as you grow out your natural locks to also explore who you are. Domestic production. The truth was that the dark brown had turned grey a long time ago, it started turning gray in my late teens. I just decided to go cold turkey, and let the ugly warm brown tones grow out without tampering with the color. This is the first time visiting the web site.. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and have been going back and forth about starting now or dye one more time for the holidays. I decide to be free brought more colorful clothes and travel to the world. Somehow going back to my natural self has impacted on every aspect of my life and I feel so much easier in my own skin. What I dread is the transition. That is important to me,. Before you decide to just go cold turkey, there are a couple of options that can make the grow out way less painful. When autocomplete results are available use up and down . At this time there was no more highlighted color, just my natural hair. In a nutshell; I have elbow length hair that has been colored and hennad since the 80s. Don't worry your friends come around eventually. What if its ugly? IF I DO ANYTHING ELSE I WILL STICK WITH T HE WASH OUT GREY COLORS BY ROUX. Ive been growing mine out for 6 months and its only just now covering the crown of my head. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Since the mid-20th century most of the tea produced in Turkey is Rize tea, a terroir from Rize Province on the Eastern Black Sea Coast. I want to do it gradually. If your hair is already a few months into the transition. Again, 2 months later, cut, toner styled. dark brown) hair just was not working.After 28 years of coloring, my hair looked dry, rough, and too brassy/warm. But really the hard work is just waiting. They are teenagers now and I had another baby (a boy) last year at the ripe old age of 44! I am aware of the changes I feel. I just chose to go gray cold turkey, no color corrections, no interfering in my natural grow-out process even if this surely wasnt the most stylish solution. I figure the process will take about 18 months, but generally I am OK with it. Looking back now, it seems funny how exaggerated those fears were. Honestly cant wait to see what it looks like, but still hoping it wont make me look old. My point in all this is, this hair journey can be about more than hair. : Expert Advice & Inspiration from a Former Color Addict. My mother and both my sisters color there hair and when I told them of my plan they were not at all supportive. Let me tell you, with the conviction of a thousand men and in my deepest heart of hearts I just knew I would NEVER stop dying my hair. Please ladies, understand how that looks!!! But why did I never question the idea that we have to cover gray hair? Not white, but light. Honestly, I have never seen Mother Nature be wrong about your hair color, she knows what she is doing and everyone I have seen make it through the gray hair transition phase looks softer, their eyes look brighter, and overall just more natural.. Not sticking any longer, and dont want the burning harsh chemicals of the Permanent, or the skunk stripe when you stop. I have three adult children, recently reduced my working hours and met the man of my dreams two years ago. I agree, not to even try to transition with semi-permanent. She went grey cold turkey with long hair and looks fabulous! I made the decision to go gray in December 2012. Hi Sarah! Required fields are marked *. By going cold turkey, a person's body can begin to recover immediately from the damage the substance was causing. METHOD #1: COLD TURKEY. ALTERNATIVES TO THE LONG GRAY COLD TURKEY GROWOUT. What is the most expensive way to go gray? RELATED: For more, check out 10 Ways to Grow Out Gray Hair. people always have told me i look much younger than i am. My hair is very fine and thinning so when the silver comes through under the reddish brown, it makes me look like I am balding (yuk). Approximately one year and three months into the grey hair transition, the overall effect is, er, patchy. I have my next appointment in 2 days. Do you. I didnt start coloring my hair until I was 45 and at that point I was probably 1/4 to 1/3 gray. Something that will not leave it dull looking. I just found you when I started looking for help on going gray. It washes out after a few washes if you are too heavy handed but takes away all the yellow at a fraction of the costs of going top the salon.. thanks for creating this blog! Right up there with the ice bucket challenge! In that moment, she kinda blew my world open. I'm so glad I found this website to encourage me to keep going. Cold turkey is when you simply do nothing and grow out your colored hair to it's natural gray. During the growing out phase, my hair was such a mess, a mixture of the old dyed color, my new natural dark brown, and the gray . Save. Here are their stories. I am 35 and resent using chemicals so frequently on my hair. she colored for years, and ended up bald and wearing a wig- and then this devastating disease. But..I know I look older than mid 50s, yet Im healthy but older. Anyway, I am getting lots of compliments and people asking me how I got that colorthey are surprised when I tell them its all naturalmy own grey! It will be a relief to see my hair as it really is and not fret over the white line in the middle of my head after 2 weeks. Cheeks - When going gray, blush is your best friend. my mother's struggle with this illness is my impetus. (Stars on the harbor to be exact for all my South Shore, Massachusetts friends). My hairdresser is on board and has lightened me up in an attempt to reduce my skunk stripe as it gradually gets wider!! I love promoting the beauty of ageing. I am now torn on what I should do to grow it out, although this time form blonde not dark brown. I decided to ditch the dye at the age of 45 for a number of reasons. I luv Jamie Lee Curtis's short grey hair and I think I'll look like her when it's all grown out. My husband is five years younger and I do not want to make this too perceptbile. Lets make some change. I never felt tempted to dye my hair again, though! I have just started my journey 2 weeks ago. i guess i am afraid to give that up- personally and professionally. I personally find the cold turkey gray hair transition fun, but I know not every woman feels that way, so here are 10 ways to help you get through it! How did your hairdresser color it to avoid the line of demarcation? Going Gray During Lockdown? I hate the blonde and am debating colouring it back to dark brown and starting over in March. foil layers but very few strands in each foil. I loved it. As I searched the internet some more, I found that natural grey looked even prettier than dyed grey. To give myself the opportunity to officially say goodbye. 2017-2022 All Rights Reserved by Joli Campbell. Good luck to change. But for my personality and my temperament, the cold turkey grow out was the only option I considered. All-over toning (avoiding the new growth as much as possible), after the highlight processing was complete. i did the same, i brought back all my dye and said I am EMBRACING my grey..sorry if you dont like but I am ready.plain and simple.. I would rather cut it a little shorter and continue through with the transition or get tired of the skunk look and dye it again. But, after years of covering up, you can't just go cold turkey on the color. i am a photographer and just returned from a job where the client had cut all her hair off because she got sick of coloring. This "sit and wait it out" method worked well for me. I'm going to cut it off, cold turkey, let it grow in and see. It's a matter of confidence and comfort too. In quitting gradually, people are continuing to ingest the harmful substance in . These are just two of the benefits Ive discovered while transitioning to gray hair but Ive detailed out 18 more in this video! Now I can say that going gray and loving it is a reality. I'm glad there are so many of us to lend support to each other! Got lots of compliments all the time. Cut it as you want. Overall I would say months 2-5 are probably the hardest because you walk around looking like you missed a hair appointment. Because I work part time night duty as a nurse I decided to go gray cold turkey. They are a tremendous help getting you through the rough patches of this process. . I love being part of changing the world by changing the way we women look at ourselves. It just is. If there were ever a time to try going gray . Hope it goes well, I really want to stop the madness! My hair is very long, and I am out one month of not coloring brown. It is very common to feel torn. Beautiful skin, a joyful smile, cute sassy curly hair and she seemed, happy. Go lighter. And she was BEAUTIFUL! I didn't though. It is just what I needed! She was enjoying a bottle of wine, dinner, and a few laughs with her hubs. going gray before and after pictures here. My legs got up and started walking right toward her. I cant wait for my hair to go even grayer/whiter and hope to enjoy the continuing journey. Thanks to all of you for your strength and inspiration. 3) I did not want to go gray quickly . My stylist tried a shampoo cocktail to lift the build up of yellow. Always real. In 2019, Turkey produced 1.45 million tonnes of tea (which was 4% of the world's total tea production), which made it one of the largest tea markets in the world . And I'm not saying it's my way or the highway. I'm with ya Andrea! I get compliments often on my color! I do not want to cut my hair, but will trim over to process, and it will be a while I am sure. I started with my first grey streak when I was 20 years old. Try low-lighting or highlighting your hair to blend in your new growth with your existing hair color. More here! Unfortunately, the drugstore selection here leaves much to be desired. There are SEVERAL ways you can grow our your colored hair to your natural gray hair.

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